Aged six years, this is the original cash cow that was established 150 years ago. As stated, Canadian Club is the only Canadian whisky that is blended before aging. This process provides the ideal environment for the cereals to marry, creating a whisky blend that's suited to a number of tastes. Serve it neat or mixed in your favorite manly drink.

Canadian Club's color is bright gold; its aroma has an almond nuttiness with hints of spice and oak; its body is smooth and light; its taste is spicy and zesty with hints of wood and vanilla; and its finish is clean, dry and lingering. In the end, this is the Canadian Club whisky that'll put hair on your chest.

In 2003, the CC Classic won Double Gold for Best Tasting Whisky at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This 12-year-old whisky aged in re-charred white oak barrels, giving this blend a smooth and warm body that'll make you feel fuzzy inside.

Look for a color that's bronze to autumn gold; a taste that's spicy and creamy with rich notes of vanilla and mellow wood; and a long, dry finish.